The Neoliberalization of Schools

Must read article below by Jason Blakely of the Atlantic about how neoliberals intend on destroying the people’s education system.

The private state’s only goal is eliminating the people’s state to stop any and all competition and upward mobility. School choice and commodification is their attack on this front. It is much more than that though, it’s a direct attack on the United States Constitution. Neoliberals have been weakening the Constitution since the 1970s, when they took direct control of the country in 1981 under Ronald Reagan they got to work bringing back slavery, using our military for their own offensive purposes, creating extreme poverty, burying us in debt and destroying our economy. This would be a big blow, and would cement yet another policy leading to massive inequality.

If we don’t start fighting back soon we’re done for. Fighting for SJW causes may make you feel good at the time, but when they end the US for good all of your hard work in the wrong place will be for nothing when they reset the rules. Most of you need to look up the word freedom and start fighting for actual left wing causes like the economics we’re using and promoting the general Welfare. The citizen should be colorless, sexless, religionless, etc in the eyes of the people’s government.


How School Choice Turns Education Into a Commodity


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