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Left Libertarianism

Quite a few articles attempt to explain what left libertarianism is, some are accurate, some are meant to disparage, some deny its existence. The simplest explanation is the Left Libertarian Party believes the government’s job is maximizing liberty whenever possible and doing what is necessary to provide for the common defense and general welfare of a country’s citizens and consumers for as little as possible without sacrificing quality.

Here’s the longer version.

One of the biggest problems in politics today is how people see the political spectrum, everyone sees it differently. People claim political movements and economic systems are in one place or that being a social justice warrior puts you in another. A lot of this confusion has been created on purpose to herd you into right wing political and economic theories. Most of it is a bunch of nonsense built on past movements attempting to control groups of people.

Here’s what the real political spectrum looks like.

Real Political Spectrum
Source:  LLP

Apparently a lot of people were taught that there are 3 layers to the entire spectrum, communism and socialism on the left and some sort of morphing capitalism on the right, but right wing socialism or communism in one form or another has ruled the world more often than not. The reality is the left and right mirror each other economically and politically. The main difference between them is the left is a people’s state of some sort and the right is a private state of some sort. Citizens of a people’s state generally include everyone, citizens of a private state are generally wealth and property owners or some type of privileged group.

Both the American and French revolutions were the result of the people wanting more political and economic rights. Feudalism was a far right communistic system, the king in the role of the controlling party, lords and other privileged were the citizens of their communistic community. They just moved resources around where the community needed them. The peasants were slaves obviously, non citizens. There were groups that had other reasons for encouraging revolution, some used the opportunity to try and start their own brand of right wing communism, but those stuck in extreme poverty and under the thumb of control freaks wanted justice and more rights, and to finally end extreme rightism for good and move to the left. The founders began the preamble to the US Constitution with We the People and ended it with our Posterity, or future citizens not around yet. A preamble is what a document is supposed to be used for, so there is no doubt they wanted a leftist government based on justice whose job was to provide for the common defense and general welfare of all the citizens and consumers of the United States, and all those yet to come.

Securing liberty for the people is a main responsibility of the US government, this means maintaining the economic system that provides the most freedom and flexibility for all. An economic system is how resources are distributed to the population, they determine who decides who owns what. Whichever state has control of the economic system has control of how free the people are. Here are the 3 main types:

Capitalistic: private ownership rights, competitive markets, economic freedom, choice

Socialistic: state ownership of resources, state controlled markets, limited economic freedom, limited choice

Communistic: community ownership of resources, community controlled markets, community controlled freedom, no choice

We can pretty easily see the system that provides the most freedom and flexibility is a capitalistic system. It is therefor the government’s job to maintain justice within it and insure the system performs in an effective and egalitarian manner. This means regulation and redistribution of what could be considered excessive taxation by the private state, or making better use of dormant capital. A more capitalistic way to look at it is a return on citizen investment in society, every single person born into the world is giving up common property rights, and nearly every family in the United States has had someone sacrifice their life for their country. In any case, for a capitalistic economy to function properly the consumers need money, all of them. This creates demand and competition, and allows the consumers to vote on what products or services they want to keep around and who they want to purchase them from using dollars. When money is being taken out of the hands of consumers that system is inevitably drifting toward a more socialistic economy.

When you hear talk of letting free enterprise regulate itself, or anything along those lines, that is about allowing the private state to overrule decisions that the people’s state made in the interest of the citizen and consumer. Every right wing political and economic theory leads to private state communism, every single one ignores the general welfare and protects private interests at all costs. There are two things you can count on seeing in every private state, an aggressive police state and extreme poverty, both of which are the opposite of promoting the general welfare. Where some supposed leftist theories suggest a transition from a socialistic system to a communistic system as an alternative to capitalism, right wing theories are direct transitions from a capitalistic system to a socialistic system to a communistic system, there is no alternative. Laissez faire, what those that claim to be capitalists strive for, is simply right wing communism. Those same “capitalists” more often than not also claim to be patriots while dismantling your government and sentencing you to slavery. The only thing that slows their momentum is the people’s state, which is why they attempt to dismantle it at every opportunity. The Left Libertarian Party believes these theories amount to treason, and those peddling them are traitors attempting to subvert the will of the people and destroy the US Constitution. We believe operatives of the private state have been working for some time to sabotage and end the United States of America.

Maintaining the proper economic system isn’t as complicated as the private state wants people to think it is, which is why they don’t like to talk about it much these days even in the face of massive inequality, massive debt and the massive amount of evidence of the failure of their policies. Most don’t seem to realize that only the people’s state is failing, the private state, and really any communistic group that thinks they can gain control in the future from the misery and confusion created today, sees the past few decades as a complete success. We’re stressed out and struggling day to day, they’re living it up in luxury worry free. Their children have inheritance and a future where they can do whatever they want, ours give up hope because they feel like they have nothing to look forward to. Right wing socialism means the private state owns and controls all resources, including the mechanisms of government and information dispensing systems. Directing attention to the social and political wants of special interest groups, and promising special privileges and legislation to some groups of citizens over others, which is outside the scope of general welfare, is how the private state is distracting everyone from the destruction of the economic system and political power of the people’s state.

As has been established the founders wanted an egalitarian state based on justice, and in an egalitarian society no particular group of citizen’s social wants or moralities are any more important than any others. Outlawing economic discrimination and threats to citizen and consumer safety and security is the main function of the US government, this is what secures liberty. Every citizen in America has the same social rights as any other citizen, lobbying the government to make special laws regarding any group forcing another that isn’t violating the safety or security of said group to act a certain way toward them, instead of using the proper court and enforcement system if citizen rights are being violated, distracts the people’s government from its primary purpose, and is therefor unproductive and ultimately unconstitutional. It’s a direct theft of political power from citizens with legitimate issues that affect the general welfare, issues that always hold first priority by law, many of which are life and death, and in the end is only beneficial to advancing the private state’s agenda. Forcing a citizen to act a certain way toward another you deem to be in some special group is simply unconstitutional. That citizen has the same right to liberty as anyone in the group, unless they’re denying someone resources that are readily available to every other citizen or being violent toward them they should be able to do and think whatever they want. In a society  where all citizens have the same political, economic, social, and civil rights there should be only one special interest group, the citizen, and in the eyes of an egalitarian state the citizen is sexless, colorless, classless, religionless, so on and so forth.

Spending will fluctuate depending on a number of factors, and no more or less than what is required is what is acceptable. Allowing those benefiting the most from the society that everyone is sacrificing for to avoid paying what is constitutionally required of them to maintain the spending the people’s government has deemed necessary to provide for the security and general welfare is an example of another special interest group stealing economic and political power from other citizens. Representatives that sign pledges to not raise taxes and refuse to do the job they were elected to do to the best of their ability should be banned from office. Much of the current spending in the United States is unconstitutional, instead of concentrating on ridding the budget of this spending and reducing the interest spent on the debt they are focused on eliminating the constitutional spending for the general welfare that insures a just and continuously prosperous society for all of us and our posterity. Private state operatives are doing the exact opposite of what the constitution intends, which is a blatantly treasonous act. Not only are they destroying spending for the security and general welfare of the citizen and burying us under unrealistic mountains of debt, but they’re flat out stealing the largest percent of what is necessary for the foundation of a decent, healthy and prosperous society. What those that favor private state policy regarding redistribution have a hard time understanding is that welfare spending is infrastructure spending, and is money owed to investors in common society, not an object with which to punish fellow citizens they don’t like for whatever control freak reason they may have. Consumers with dollars to spend is capitalism’s infrastructure. As long as a base level of demand is maintained economic collapse is impossible, and an egalitarian capitalistic system can be maintained indefinitely. The Left Libertarian Party believes this is proper capitalism and provides the freest markets possible. We also believe that capitalism is primarily a left wing economic philosophy in that it promotes the security and general welfare of the citizen, and that nearly every form of socialism or communism do not, and are therefor primarily right wing economic systems. Right wing economic theories lead to multiple deep recessions, massive inequality, massive debt, massive reduction in political power of a large percentage of citizens, private state control, theft and many forms of slavery.

Ultimately the choice is whether we want our money spent on a decent egalitarian society everyone can peacefully exist in or a society with constant domination by a few control freaks that only ever create poverty, pain and misery for the majority. The private state always tries to make their ideology a religion, a people’s state government has to be more flexible than that. Initial conditions are very important, they determine in what direction a system evolves. Everything is always fluid and changing. If the private state is allowed to set the initial conditions the end result will always drift toward right wing communism and slavery for the majority over time, if the people’s state sets them, and they’re set properly, the government should be able to do its job and maintain liberty and justice for all and our posterity for an unlimited amount of time. Maximizing the human resource will be what creates the ideas the human race will need to overcome the obstacles in the future that might otherwise hinder our ability to progress or end our existence. Playing games with what every single one of us needs to survive is how the private state maintains their power, taking this power from them is what ends their game.


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  1. It is a truth that most of the planet’s news provision is owned by right wing capitalists. Their aim is to further the cause of capitalism and increase the planet’s differentials between rich and those in need. Left Insider provides left wing news from reputable news sites like Left Futures, Red Pepper, Novara, The Canary, Buzz Feed, Left Foot Forward etc. We all have the right to fully exploit our own potential and we all have the obligation to help others maximise theirs.


    1. Left libertarians are consumer side capitalists. I think a lot of us are on the same page, it’s the terms that are being confused. What you describe and what i explained above is private state socialism. When the right owns the state and uses it to give themselves ownership of all resources and control of the economy that is socialism. Left libertarians think the role of government is to maintain the infrastructure for proper capitalism so the private state can’t do that and/or use destitution to gain more power for themselves. There are resources every single person needs no matter who they are or where they live, and everyone should have access to those resources in exchange for us using their common property rights to build our civilizations. The elites love that everyone is an enemy of capitalism because they aren’t really capitalists themselves. They will always control the resources until we allow the people to choose to not do business with them. Socialism is inefficient and takes choice away, and you’ll most likely need a police state to enforce your arbitrary rules no matter what end of the spectrum you might be on.


      Consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production; and the interest of the producer ought to be attended to only so far as it may be necessary for promoting that of the consumer. The maxim is so perfectly self-evident that it would be absurd to attempt to prove it. But in the mercantile system the interest of the consumer is almost constantly sacrificed to that of the producer; and it seems to consider production, and not consumption, as the ultimate end and object of all industry and commerce.


      Smith also listed a number of regulations he thought necessary at that point in time. Non regulated, supply side capitalism is something the elites made up and taught their minions to keep their wealth and power.

      Some may think that everyone in the world is a consumer, and that is true, but the system of promoting the consumer can only reach as far as you’re able to make and enforce the economic rules, and in the US the Constitution sets the boundaries for which consumer’s interests the government is supposed to be promoting. In our case the citizens of the US are the only consumers our government should be and are really allowed to be worrying about. Shoveling money to producers, other countries, and eliminating taxes and responsibilities is not their job.


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